The Big Four-Oh

When I woke up this morning, I realized that being bummed out about turning 40 is pretty lame, considering that I have my health, the love of family and friends, and a beautiful, inspiring place to live. I briefly thought about trying to craft some kind of major, serious poem to mark the occasion, but when I looked back on the notes I had scribbled throughout the day, I just thought, nah--this is exactly how I want to remember it, homemade cards, Viking-themed foods and all.

Birthday cards, silly and sweet, from my boys.
A run on the beach.
Hibiscus blooming in Heisler Park.
Hermes and herring à la mode with my husband
(who thoughtfully left his Blackberry in the car
while we shopped and lunched).
Little-people hugs on my knees from my nieces and nephew.
Valhalla Table: Brats and beer galore.
The feeling of being stuffed and sleepy and well-loved.