Check Engine Light

This poem is not quite a fully formed thought. But what I was trying to express is that, while I'm a fairly careful, risk-averse person, I sometimes find myself inadvertently engaging in risky behavior. Not the hang-gliding or swimming-with-sharks kind of risky behavior, but stupid little things, like procrastinating about car repairs, or putting off those annual doctor's appointments that become more important as a person approaches certain ages, like 40 (sigh).
One of my new year's resolutions is to make these "fix-its" and preventive measures a priority.

I take vitamins,
eat my greens, avoid hazards
like base-jumping and
gator-wrestling and going
to the ATM
after dark. So why do I
keep driving around
with the check engine light on
in my car, as if
daring the metal beast to
buck me off and leave me stranded
by the side of the road?