Mirror Mirror

Last night was Laguna Beach's first Art Walk of 2011. David and I went to our friend Carla Tesak's gallery, Salt Fine Art, for the opening of her new show "Mirror Mirror." Carla, who is originally from El Salvador, specializes in Latin American contemporary art and has totally turned me on to several of her favorite artists. Tonight I fell in love with the work of Luis Cornejo, a young Salvadoran artist who paints by blending both acrylic and oil (which I guess is technically difficult), and combines hyperrealism with flat, two-dimensional images. He draws much of his inspiration from the world of fashion, pop culture, and current events, and his paintings are meant to deliver a subtle social critique and challenge our ideas of perfection. I love this untitled painting (above). I'm not sure if my interpretation-as-haiku is what Cornejo intended; if I ever get to meet him I'll ask.

A woman in blue
wonders if she's playing the
game or being played