As you may have gathered from my earlier posts, I spent this weekend at La Quinta with David, the boys, and several of our close friends who were nice enough to make the trip and help celebrate my birthday. (And yes, our crew of squirrelly teenagers mended their ways and were on their very best behavior after we read them the riot act about the Golf Cart Incident and the Patio Furniture in the Pool Event. Ahem.) Last night David hosted a beautiful dinner for us all at a long, candlelit table outside. And he said something that completely reshaped the way I looked at turning 40: something to the effect that, when you get to have another year with the person you love, it's an upgrade. And then my friends toasted me with such kind and loving words that I felt blessed beyond measure. I will never forget it. This photo was taken by my friend Cathleen (who always takes amazing pictures); it perfectly captures the light and love and effervescence of the evening.

candlelight, wine, stars
and the people I love most
I've been upgraded