Two Girls in Paris

I just got to reconnect with an old friend, Monique Fayad, whom I met when we were both studying in Paris nearly twenty years ago. Back then she was Monique Ruia from Philadelphia, and when I saw her today, she was just as smart, lovely, and easy to be with as I remembered her to be. In fact, she still looks like she's about 20--which reminds me: I really need to stay out of the sun.

Monique is now married and lives near New York City with her husband and their two children. We got to have lunch today because she and her family are in LA on vacation. Driving home, I remembered a night that the two of us went out dancing and ended up at Les Bains Douches, formerly the site of a bathhouse (reportedly frequented by Marcel Proust, fyi!). If memory serves, at some point they filled the dance floor with soap bubbles....

Two girls in Paris,
out after dark. A swirl of
sangria and jazz.
A boîte. Dancing in a cloud
of soap-bubble foam.
A long walk home. Sunrise in
the city of light.