Oh San Onofre

One of my favorite books on my desk is a little paperback collection of vintage surfing graphics. Every so often I get it out and flip through images of old surf-themed record covers, movie and travel posters, and my favorites: Leroy Grannis photographs from the 1960s. I love this picture of Old Man's and Dogpatch taken in 1963. The thing I love about San O is that, if you squint so as to blur the lines of the late-model cars, it looks much the same as it did 50 years ago. I used to surf there all the time with my girlfriends, but haven't gone in quite some time. I miss it, but the multiple shark sightings are holding me back. I'm torn... I might just have to start going again and take my chances with "Fluffy."

Oh, San Onofre:

lazy waves, vintage boards and

vintage people too.