Love, Grace, and Doing it All Over Again

My friend Susan Maynor, whom I met through David and his merry band of Wheatonians, and my brand new friend Todd McDonald were married this morning, on the sand at Diver's Cove. Susan lost her first husband to cancer several years ago, and Todd has been through a difficult divorce, so the occasion was imbued with an especially poignant sense of grace and gratitude. Our friend Cathi Falsani (yes, she truly is an ordained minister in addition to all her other talents!) officiated at the wedding, and she shared what Susan and Todd had said to her the night before. I paraphrase here, but Susan said, "I can't believe I get to do it all over again!" Todd's words were, "I feel like I get a do-over." I wrote a haiku which borrows from Todd and Susan's sentiments (and also from St. Fred):

thank you God for love,
second chances, do-overs
life itself is grace