The Kitty in the Palm Tree

Our scrappy little ocicat, Topanga, was missing when we got home from Europe a few days ago. She tends to roam, but I was starting to get really worried because I hadn't seen her yet.

So I went out to the car this evening and heard some plaintive meowing that was unmistakably Kitty. I walked toward the sound and found her, stuck some 50 feet up, in the top of a palm tree. One of the neighbors came out and said she thought the cat had been up in the tree for three or four days (!), and had been trying to figure out whose it was and what to do. I'm just sick because I can't get a tree service out here tonight to get her down, and apparently the fire department doesn't save cats stuck in trees these days--that's only done in the movies. I can get someone to come out in the morning, but she'll have to spend the night up there. She's mewing pathetically, and I feel awful for her. I'm not even a major cat lover, but I love this particular cat and hate to see any of God's creatures suffer--especially those who reside with me.

Dear God of all creatures,
please watch over Kitty.

May the meager fringe of palm fronds
at the top of that tree
shield her from the dew
and dampness off the ocean.

May her claws and cat-balance
keep her from falling.

May the food and water she last had
days ago
sustain her

until morning.