Brilliant Oranje!

Today was quite possibly one of the best days our family has ever had together! It's definitely in the top ten, at least.

We arrived in Amsterdam very early this morning and traipsed all around the city, kind of dead on our feet, until our hotel room was ready. We visited the Anne Frank Huis, which David and I had never done before; every time we've tried in the past, we gave up, because the lines were discouragingly long. It was very moving. The boys looked carefully at everything in the exhibit and I could tell they were thinking hard about what they were seeing.

Later we were able to get into our hotel room for a quick nap, and then it was time for the Netherlands vs. Brazil World Cup quarterfinal. We dressed in all our Oranje gear and joined the thousands of Dutch fans on Museumplein to watch the game on huge TV screens. It was such a hot day that we had completely wilted by halftime, and scooted back to our hotel to watch the second half in the Pulitzer Bar. When the Dutch won, the whole bar went crazy and we hugged everyone, including our new friends, an older couple from Rotterdam who were celebrating their anniversary.

red-eyed and jet-lagged
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Oranje triumph!