Game 7

I got way too into the NBA finals this year. I dove headfirst into the long-standing rivalry between Boston and LA, and frankly all that trash-talking has been exhausting! Next year I've got to take a more zen-like approach to the whole thing. I know it's just basketball, but I couldn't help but frame the series in my mind as a war of cultures. Here's the thing: I love the quirky, personable southern California beach town where I live, but--as you may have surmised by now--I'm just not a fan of LA, that big sprawling metropolis 50 miles or so up the highway. It's the name-droppers. The self-important entertainment industry people. The limousine liberals. That insufferable Jack Nicholson! I realize there are many good things and good people in LA too. But somehow I took my favorite team's loss tonight in game 7 kind of personally; it felt to me like the world of tabloids and celebrities and movie special effects had won the day. Until next year...

In the epic battle of
the Celtics
the Lakers

Sam Adams and Paul Revere
traffic and the Kardashian sisters

the Harvard Law Review
Us Weekly magazine

Us Weekly
has prevailed
(but just for now)