Everything But the Kitchen Sink

It's been said that a good man is hard to find. A good general contractor is even harder to find. I will refrain from ranting and raving here, but suffice it to say that we've got a problem with water seepage under our nearly new countertops and the responsible party is not taking responsibility. I realize that, in the scheme of things, this is not a terrible hardship. But significant repairs have to be done, I won't have a working kitchen sink for a week, and it's a bit of a pain. However, I'd like to give a shout-out to Frank Smart of Metalworks, whose work was not at fault here but who stepped in to help us anyway. Also, thanks to Steve Howard, our neighbor and a masonry contractor, who walked across the street several times to help me diagnose the problem and sort it all out. I don't really know how to turn this situation into poetry but I'll try:

Not my fault, Mrs. Sarah,
says the plumber,
examining the growing split
between steel counter top and sink.

The contractor chews his gum,
wrings his hands,
and throws the cabinet guy under the bus.

This is all vehrry...Meckey Mouse,
the metal fabricator says in his Scottish brogue,
referring to the plumbing seals
and waving his hands in the general direction
of the sink.
But I'll help yeh, he says,
and he does.