That's How He Rolls

My son Willem, age 13, has always had a strong "point of view," as they say in the world of fashion, when it comes to dressing himself. He doesn't put much effort into the day-to-day stuff he wears to school, but when it's some kind of special occasion, he throws things together in an unexpected way and ends up looking really cool. I admire his confidence. (I asked him to be my personal stylist but he just rolled his eyes.) He's attending a friend's bar mitzvah tomorrow and I wanted to make sure his dress pants and blazer still fit, so I made him try everything on. Wouldn't you know it, he rocked those Cotillion clothes. I didn't take pictures of his "try-on" session, but should have some tomorrow night.

Navy Brooks Brothers
blazer, grey slacks. Dad's cufflinks.
Purple tie, Nikes.