Cross Purposes

I haven't been known to chain myself to old-growth trees or to pontificate about global warming at cocktail parties, but, look: I care about the environment and especially hate to see people trash our oceans. I do what I can, the least of which is to not throw garbage on the ground. Good grief--we've got signs on all the storm drains in town explaining that they drain directly into the ocean. So when I see something like this, especially from someone representing a company selling so-called eco-friendly energy solutions, it makes me crazy! I mean, dude, first take the log out of your own eye...

Seen this morning

on southbound Pacific Coast Highway

at Cress Street:

a louche, bleary-eyed young man

(behind the wheel

of a pristine company car

logo-ed up with

“Green Solutions”


“Solar Power Systems for You!”)

flicking a lit cigarette butt

onto the roadway