Baby Emmett

David and I have a new nephew, Emmett Joel Vanderveen, and he is exceedingly cute. He was born Sunday, February 21, and is a peach-perfect, 7-pound 10-ounce bundle. His parents, Joel (David’s brother) and Katie are two of the sweetest, smartest people I know, and they produce the most darling children. As I always say, Prada just can’t make a bad shoe, and Joel and Katie just can’t make an un-adorable baby. Well, this might be the first time I’ve actually linked those two concepts together, but there you have it. Emmett joins his sisters Ava (3 years) and Leah (18 months).

Welcome to the world,
Little E! We’ve been waiting
for you. Wrapped in light
blue blankets and love, with your
mom and dad and two
sweet sisters close by, you’re off
to a good start. I
can’t wait to get to know you.
Let the adventure begin!